The club holds regular book holder matches throughout the year. 

Pools on the day are set at £15.

Our matches are fished in a friendly atmosphere

Do not worry if you have never fished in a match - remember every experienced match angler was once a novice - you will get all the help and advice you need and it will improve your overall fishing.

DRAW TIMES 8.30 - 9am

Match Date Venue Result
BDAA Hopkins Trophy Sunday 16th June 2024 Grimsbury Reservoir 34lb Pete Upton
BDAA Hospital Cup Sunday 11th August 2024 Grimsbury Reservoir
BDAA Cavalcade of Sport Sunday 6th October 2024 Slinket Lake
BDAA Matchmans Shield Sunday 27th October 2024 Heyford
BDAA Christmas match Sunday 24th November 2024 Aynho Canal
BDAA St Marys Cup Sunday 29th December 2024 Slinket Lake
BDAA Pairs Match Sunday 26th January 2025 Aynho Canal
BDAA Cherwell Shield Sunday 9th February 2025 Heyford